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Mode of Digital payment inflating day-by-day not only in India every country agree with this kind of astonishing platform of payment. Around a year ago Google debut its mobile payment solution name is TEZ. Yeah everyone known about it right now many people thinking of TEZ is either same Google pay or another one but my answer is Google rebranded their mobile payment solution TEZ into Google pay. With TEZ we can make our payment as easy and fast by using the recipients contact number and of course even for small amount money transfer we have done with TEZ and also Google offers huge rewards as Scratch card for using their payment solution. These are all the benefits are experiencing by the millions of people around the world and still they enjoying this wonderful services which is offered by Google. So Google now introduced Google pay as their mobile payment solution. In this post we can discuss about the newly rebranded Google TEZ and its huge features are integrated on it. In Google Tez we just sending and receiving money via mobile applications. Many people thinking of what’re all the benefits are included with Google pay? How it benefits for us?
And Google not only rebranded TEZ as Google Pay but also it integrated all their payment solutions into one single as PAY. We are not only restricted to send and receive money using Google pay, but also it offers such new feature as you can get pre-approved loan  on one go in association with ICICI Bank and HDFC bank so Google TEZ came as PAY to retain their payment solutions to their millions of  consumers with some exciting features around the world. So after you read this post you may download the Google pay today and enjoy their offerings. If you need any Payment solutions like this Bootsgrid is here for you. Beyond you can able to send and receive money via Google Pay you can also make your online shopping and mobile recharge and more. So we will look over into the features below




  • MAKE PAYMENT VIA AUDIO with this unique feature in Google pay you can able to send and receive money via Audio based QR system before you going to transfer an amount you should scan the QR code which is running in your mobile. Ultra sonic wave is used to generate the one-time-code for payments.
  • PAY YOUR BILLS Apart from you send and receive the money you can pay your EB bill, gas bills and DTH and mobile recharge and start your online shopping with Google Pay. Since they are tie-up with some brands such as Tatasky, Goibibo, Redbus and zerotha.
  • MULTI PAYMENT OPTIONS you should pair two mobile by using QR code and then transfer the money. For transaction you can use UPI name, then by submitting the recipient’s Bank details and IFSC code. Mainly you can able to view your transaction history including your money request.
  • REWARDS Yeah Google Pay also offering some rewards for using this application exactly you guesses right in TEZ we earn some huge rewards in scratch card after done successful payments so Google pay offers such kind of rewards for consumers.
  • LOAN OFFER with this unique feature you can get your pre-approved loan since Google tie-up with ICICI, HDFC and Kodak bank. The loan offers is based on some eligibility criteria if you’re eligible you can receive loan offer on your app.


Security Features


  • You don’t afraid of your card details getting stored in your device or any hackers access the details because your card is not stored on your phone. So no worries about your card details. It won’t store or share your details with anyone.
  • There is unique code for each transaction which prevents it going through twice. Even if accidentally you tapped twice you won’t pay for twice.
  • If you lost your phone or stolen, you can use android device manager to instantly lock your phone, even if you wipe your personal details.
  • Google pay will never work automatically for $100 purchase since it needs your PIN at the terminal just for verification you should enter your PIN.
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