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Digital era already started a decade and now this era increasing their interference in every sector including bank payments, shopping, and more and more. Every Business units depends upon a Digital age solution since people needs to done the job with accuracy, fast paced manner. In this list there are no leverages for store owners, merchants they are also adopting their stores and switching over to the online ecommerce market place because the customers would be interested in shopping and purchasing the products in online by making digital payments. So Google helps you in debunk your products to your customers with Google Adwords and merchant centre.  For this you need to create an account in Google Adwords and merchant centre. If the customer Google any products it shows the result on the top of pages then customer either buy or not depends upon their decision. Google Shopping is nothing but the shopping ads which campaigns are run by this platform and benefits shop owners to reach their audience via Google search results. After you successfully created adwords account you need to create a data feed about your List of products such as Price, Brand, images etc and create your merchant center and link your Google merchant account with Google adwords account. Then now you can now run your shopping ads campaigns on Google. Are you familiar with Paid search advertising? Paid search advertising means PPC or Pay-Per-Click it is one of the tech giant’s Search engine marketing platform as Google ads to build, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns to attract potential customers to one’s online business. Advertisers configure the campaigns with bidding it known as Cost-Per-Click method where the cost is placed on a keyword or product which is the maximum amount an advertiser willing to pay for a click. After you set all the details of your product and set campaigns it will get on to the Google results with your Product title, images, price, store name and more since the shopping ads are more than normal text ads. Do you have interested to open online shop?  Here we have Bootsmart multivendor clone script to move your business to the next level. Then what are you thinking? This is the right time to integrate your store with ecommerce. Just reach Bootsgrid to get your online shop today.



Benefits of Google Shopping


  • MORE TRAFFIC VIA CLICK RATES many businesses ear through Click through rates and advertisers have experienced double or triple click through rates and compare to the normal text ads with shopping ads looks more attractive and easy to pitch the right audience.
  • GET QUALIFIED LEADS As a shop owner or merchant you can able to the featuring the product information directly in your ads it helps the shoppers to make informed purchase decision it inspires the customers more likely to purchase the product on your site.
  • EASY RETAIL CENTRIC CAMPAIGN Shopping ads use your product attributes which you have given in data feed to show them in relevant searches instead of using keywords it will be results as great to reach your customers. Browse your product inventory directly in Google Ads and create product groups for the items you want to bid on.
  • BROADER REACH BY PRESENCE more than one of your ads can appear for user search if relevant a shopping ad and text ad also appear at the same time. This means your reach with shoppers for a single search could double.
  • GOOD REPORTING FEATURE it gives you your performance report about Products/product attributes. Because the performance metrics are associated with the item and not the product group, you can filter and segment data by your product attributes, including things such as product category, brand, condition, product type, item id and custom labels.
  • MOBILE RESPONSIVE you may have noticed that Google only displays 2 traditional PPC ads on mobile devices. This means that unless you manage to secure one of these valuable top 2 positions, your ad is going to be seen by a lot fewer people, especially as more searches are now conducted on mobiles and tablets than on traditional desktop or laptop PCs. Google Shopping Ads, however, appear at the top of mobile searches in a carousel showing the first 15 results.
  • AUTOMATIC UPDATE once you’ve set up an automated product feed, your Google Shopping campaign will update the inventory every night, ensuring that you’re not bidding on ads for products that you no longer sell or which are out of stock. By the same token, if you add new products to your site, they will automatically be added to your feed for the next day, so you don’t have to constantly update your campaigns manually.
  • VISUAL CONTENT rather than the text ads, Visual or video content advertising reaches more audience easily and fast. If your product stands out visually, and you have good quality imagery, it’s going to grab buyers’ attention!




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