Google Tag Manager with Magento


In nowadays tracking the site is very simple with Google analytics and zoho with salesiq etc but once hit our brain about tracking first thing blink in our mind is Google Analytics, but we some of us not yet familiar with Google Tag manager. Yeah this is the first time exploring about it for me too. It really helps us in tracking our incredible ecommerce site and also it’s not much of cost which you’re right now thinking so it’s very cheaper extension for your magento store. More extensions are available in online so if you need this extension, then you can simply purchase it Today. You never afraid of how to get configured with our ecommerce store? You can easily configure this extension with magento site with simple steps. Integrate your ecommerce with Google Tag manager and deploy universal analytics tracking system via Google Tag Manager (GTM) and turn on your ecommerce tracking in Google analytics, simultaneous you would enable tracking in your ecommerce site. Then you create and add an ecommerce data layer to your site and you can configure your site Google Tag manager for tracking. You can usually approach your audience via cold calling, e-mail marketing and social Medias and so on but your goal is to reach your right audience.  For this purpose we can enable with Google tag Manager It allows you to add the target your audience, leverage remarketing and test and improve the site. It also enables you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your website or mobile app without modification of code. It plays role of transferring the data from one source to another first it fetching the data from your website to Google analytics. Many people confusing about the Google analytics and Google Tag Manager how it is difference from Google Analytics? Since GTM is used only for storing and managing the third party code. We are already familiar with Google analytics which is used for reporting and analysis.

Benefits of Google Tag Manager




  • EASY TO USE it will your team to make a new updates and add new tags quickly and easily. Even though if you’re working in the non-technical field but you should never worry about your technical knowledge since without need of developer you can streamlines the process, speeds time to launch and allows you to focus on larger projects.
  • YOU GET EASY UPDATES AND FUTURE PROOFED WEBSITE you can get future upgrades and enhancements since modification can be made through interface not on an each page of your site. If you’re considering to upgrading to Google Analytics and It will make gradual transition.
  • DEBUG FEATURES built in debug features allows the team to test and debug each update on your site prior to the publication, you should ensures with your tags works properly before they go for live.
  • VERSIONCONTROLL A new, archived version is created every time you publish a change through GTM, making it easy to rollback to a former version at any moment.
  • BUILT IN TAGS it comes with a number of important built in tags for both classic and universal analytics. It allows the marketing team to customize the tags without need of any coding knowledge with little bit of information.
  • PERMISSION MANAGEMENT it allows you to set the permission for individual users and control internally who has the ability to add tags, macros and make any changes to the website.
  • FUNCTIONING WITH ANALYTICS It also allows users to install Google analytics It includes all tag templates that gives you all the options you would have in your Google analytics Plus It will be compatible for older onsite code for event tracking, page views and cross domain tracking.
  • TARCK EVENTS IN WEBSITE it allows you to track the various events which are happening in your site while the visitor visiting your site such as clicks of pages, video engagement and form submissions by adding the code to your website. It eliminates the need to tag each link so you can target links or buttons by attributes that are already on the link or by using a standardized naming structure.
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