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As a shop owner you not only be steadfast in abetting the customer relationship by providing the best quality products at affordable pricing, but also you are having the responsibility in offering the new products with great discounts on price or providing any special products for nay festival seasons. Of course your customers might be surmising any special products at legitimate pricing for any suspicious occasions, so you should take their hopefulness into considerations for offering any discounts, special offers on any products or providing any special products. You might be going to face this stringent things followed up on seasonal occasions  as like  How you’re going to provide discounts, offering the products with special pricing? So you will emphatically offer any gift cards products based on the current season. I think you may start antiquing the browser to find any solution for this issue. Since your profit is based with this solution so don’t feel pathetic for this terrible situation we are here for you to support at this problem, Yeah we are having the extension which would you need at this season for your online shop. It named as GIFT CARD extension in our Bootsgrid. By this module let you create the gift card products and list them in your online store. Then your customer can able to purchase this gift card products and they can send their gift card products to their friends, relatives etc. the customer who will receive the gift card from their friends they can use it for multi product purchases by using generated coupon code on their registered mail Id. With that coupon code they can able to purchase the products based on the discounts offered in it. And also the customer can able to purchase for complete amount or particular amount which is offered on their gift card. It is an easily manageable product because it is developed as a normal product in magento. The gift card user will get notified for every usage of gift card on their purchase.




  • This gift card extension is an easily manageable product since it was developed as a normal product in magento and also your customer can able to decide to spend the entire amount or certain amount from the gift card to make any purchases.

  • You can able to easily create your gift card product type by using an attribute in the backend. so you can create the specific product only for the gift card purpose. It leads to smooth creation of gift cards by using product type attribute.

  • The customer will get notified for spending of their gift card amount for very purchases in your store. It intimate your customers to stay alert while spending any bulk amount on their purchases.

  • As an admin of your site you can able to manage all the gift cards products and type of the product attributes and many details about the gift cards with left amount. It also allows you to get the assistance of this extension for any multiple stores too.

Admin Management:

In an admin management admin can able to manage the gift card details which includes are sender’s email, receiver’s email and gift code , total amount for the customers exist in their gift cards and the remaining left amount which is in their gift code to spend. Admin can able to create the gift card and it will be display in the front end. For admin creating the gift card is not difficult since this module developed as a normal product in magento. So you can able to create the gift cards is as simple gift card products which are avails for your customers in your ecommerce store to make them happy while they shopping .

Front-end management:

From the front-end of your ecommerce store Your customers can able to view and purchase the gift card products and they can able to send the gift card products via email to their friends and after receiving the gift card products in email they can avail the discounts, offers with the gift code which is attached in the email. By using the gift code only they can spend amount in purchasing of products either it would be an entire discount amount or particular amount.

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