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Decisively Here Magento 2.3 barraged into the ecommerce platform yeah the fully loaded with dazzling features. Whole ecommerce world is glimpsing and talking about it recently not yet sure they have ended their chat session regarding the 2.3 version of Magento. Many questions on this arising in our mind such as, what are all the new features included with in this newly upgraded version? Can I upgrade my Magento site with this new version? And so on. Like many questions are rising in our mind right now. First in this newly upgraded version some exciting features are included such as PWA, Graph QL, and Multi source Inventory, Page builder and more. So here we are getting into explore about the fabulous features are included within this new version of Magento 2.3. So if you’re thinking to upgrade your Magento site here the Bootsgrid support you in up gradation and installation of full secured Magento 2.3 latest version. So no worries about it now run your ecommerce with latest version of Magento 2.3.Let’s we explore about it as follows. Before that, if you’re planning to launch new fresh online shop on Magento2, then Bootsgrid is your first choice for Magento Website Development service.

This Magento 2.3.0 version integrated more helpful features to both merchants and developers. Here some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Page builder
  • Two factor authentication and Google Re captcha security tools



Multi source Inventory:

This is one wondering feature which is integrated with in this new version and it mainly beneficial for merchants can able to manage their inventory across multiple store locations from the admin panel. So it increases the operational efficiency and improved check out performance and also they can assign their products and quantities to each fulfillment source such as warehouses, distribution centers and third party shippers. And also they can able to track their inventory at each source as easy and simple. Streamline operations with rules to prioritize and automatically manage the inventory to fulfill the orders for each website in real time. Oh you’re having only single inventory source and you can also getting favors of this features as an inventory reservation systems that tracks deductions from the salable products when customers added to their carts. It results mainly in accurate quantity counts of the products in your inventory and high performance check outs leads to get high conversion rates. If you’re searching for tech expert to install any third party extensions, then lets take a glance here Magento Extension Installation.

PWA Studio:

In this upcoming 2019 year approximately three quarters of consumers engaged in mobile shopping experience, since they are already switched over into the Smartphone shopping experience. For their best shopping experience in mobile here PWA is executed with Magento 2.3 version.  With this feature not only it would be beneficial for the customers of online store, but also it majorly supports in increasing conversion rates of the merchants and also PWA studio tools are providing faster and cheaper in building the Magento-Powered Progressive Web Apps experience. These experiences are proven to improve SEO and drive 50% higher conversion rates and merchants can surely provide 50% of better performance of the page and it also speeds to time to market and lowers the total cost of ownership.


Creating the page in HTML and CSS with bulk set of contents these days were gone since here is for you to build your page with simple drag and drop features, images, videos and banners without any assist of your front-end developer Yeah sure This feature mainly enable the non technical folks to create the page with control of their own content, enrich products and categories and they can update their content quickly and easily without their technical skills. Flexible grid systems enable you to position your page elements in a highly customizable way and you never mind the behavior of your content types since it can be easily and quickly tuned your content to accommodate design. It is fully integrated with existing magneto functionalities such as media gallery and widgets so you can incorporate into your pages. It also helps you in creating the content blocks used in your site. You can able to schedule your content to go live or demo staging in your page whenever you want to move your content to go live is controlled by you. Do you wanna have any custom functionality like any page builder or anything else? If so lets take a look at Magento Custom Extension Development service.

Additional updates:

  • GOOGLE RECAPTCHA to secure your online stores here with this new version enhanced security tools to avoid any fake logins and helps further to secure your stores with two factor authentications enabled unique security feature.
  • As a merchant you need to optimize your business in shipping of product as an expandable to global one. Here this is only for you to EXPAND YOUR SHIPPING GLOBALLY AND ADDED SUPPORT FOR NEW FULFILLMENT.
  • You no need worry about your PHP version, since added support for PHP 7.2 version.
  • IMPROVED INDEXING PERFORMANCE sharding and parallel processing of indexers reduces indexation times by over 60% and also supports larger sites and product updates.
  • DECLARATIVE SCHEMA easy upgrades and installation process will be done by the developers to desire the final state of database and have the system to it automatically without performing redundant operations.
  • Asynchronous & BULK APIs New API calls enables better control over timing to respond to the API calls without waiting for all the previous op0erations to complete since it allows the faster performance.
  • Developers this is only for you here who need to query specific data elements from APIs in single request. GRAPH QL a flexible and performant storefront API and it provide faster and predictable results.


If you wanna improve your site speed or debug the unexpected bugs happening on the site, lets find and fix shortly with Magento Maintenance Service.

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