Magento2 Security Systems & Why Should I Use It



Why you’re getting feared to sell your products on your own eCommerce store? Due to the less security in your eCommerce. Yeah!! Many shop owners afraid of hacking strategies are developed in online platforms not only in eCommerce, but also in many platforms. Even though in nowadays more digital transactions methods, gateways helping your customers to buy more products, but who knows how the hackers accessing, wandering in your site? Hacking the account is not only trouble for your customers it’s also for you. They (hackers) can hack your online store too. I guess you’re thinking for any solution to overcome this panic situation So that the newly versioned Magento 2 version is here for you.If you want to start using Magento for your business, then have a look at Magento Website Development service.

m2-security01With enhanced system of password management can enable you to keep your online store with highly secured password with SHA-256. Then with the improved file access permission you can keep your files, data in backend with secured access permission for strangers. Exactly you can manage your files with restrictions for any strangers and it doesn’t allow any hackers can access your data. Since there is restriction control on your hand no worries about your file systems in your Magento site are would be getting hacked so you can enable these security systems with Magento 2. Then another one thing with Magento 2 you can receive with regular updates in your own site security patches with up gradation of the latest version. You can get latest updates with recent issues which you have faced in cross scripting site which leads to the vulnerabilities in your site. Why you’re still thinking about older version of Magento2? This is right time to migrate your site with full security features by magneto 2. No worries Bootsgrid is here for you to provide best secured Magento site with lot of extensions with more exciting features such as save for later, ajax layered navigation, temporary orders and our new extensions gift card, request for best price, etc more and more extensions are here for get it today and succeed in your business with full secured Magento2. Do you wanna add any custom features/functionality with your Magento store? then ave a glace over Magento Custom Extension Development


Many merchants getting always questioned with like this. My opinion is to migrate your Magento 1 to Magento2. Yeah of course here on the other end more online shop owners are ready for migration from magneto 1 to Magento 2.Since few are know about the exciting features are in Magento2. Let’s we take a look over at this as follows:


  • First make sure are you managing your eCommerce with HIGH SECURITY? If you haven’t then go with Magento 2 since it has some security systems such as restrictions for users to access your data via online. So you don’t worry about it.
  • Then as an owner you need to gain a profit in your business by the way of having RESPONSIVE SITE. It is a key enabler for your online store to attract your customers via mobile shopping website, since they (customers) are only first noticed your site responsiveness in mobile view.
  • FLEXIBILITY In maintain your site. It will support you to build up a full fledged eCommerce site and also you can manage your inventory of orders, sales, and products in the back end with exciting automation tools.


  • You should Ensure your site is having best SEO work to get more at least as visitors to your site, If you haven’t any SEO features in your site, then why are you thinking just migrate towards Magento2, since it has some features to OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION yes you read correct, Magento 2 supports in your online business by providing you with more languages and currencies of different regions from the world.
  • FEATURES INTEGRATIONS you can add, enable more key features with your site such as Payment gateways, finance integrations such as Duologi, Omni capital, Paypal, Stripe, etc. It will increase your sales revenues with these modules.
  • IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND SCALABILITY it is integrated with varnish cache leading HTTP accelerator handles by taking responsibility in caching common requests.
  • In the backend takes 39 % of more orders, 66 % faster in adding products to cart than as usual in magneto 1.x.x.and also your website loading is getting faster from 30 % to 50 % than magneto 1.
  • EASY NAVIGATION assists you in accessing the page without delay. It compromises with easy load navigation option and ENHANCED ADMIN PANEL consists of more intuitive and user-friendly interface which helps you to get your right page of your site without any hassles.


  • Your eCommerce should not only attracting your customers in online store web shop and It also needs to interact with your customers in MOBILE UI. Exactly I think you catches right. Magento 2 bring your customers with attracted Mobile UI and good responsive in mobile.
  • You’re customers feel their shopping experience in your eCommerce could be very out standing performance of your site by providing EASY CHECK-OUT as with simple check out steps and customizable.
  • UPGRADATION OF FUTURE VERSION as merchants you can easily upgrade your site from magneto 2.0 to 2.x rather than moving from Magento 1.0 to Magento 1.x.

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