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Digital Finance integration method are using day-to-day life by every customers and It’s not only benefits or supporting the customer needs, but also with that digital finance solution merchants gets more new customers and selling more products  online. It leads in generating unimaginable profit rather than, selling your products in store. It always ensures you and your customers with flexibility in payment and financial solutions. You may question with how it would be flexibility in payment solutions?

UK-retailer01In your online store mostly 80 % of  your customers can buy your products via some payment gateways, finance modules and remaining 20% buy via COD(cash on delivery).So you should care about the first one(80%), but at that same time should consider the latter one by providing flexible payment integration solution. If you’re running the online store or shop is not a matter, you should sustaining the good relationship with your current customers and make a good relationship with new one. These all are surely possible with digital solution. Since in every sector digital is streaming live that’s why you’re customers prefers this finance integrations and payment gateways for their purchase of products? Let’s take a look over at this as follows. Once you check with this you’ll sure get into the right choice and what you and your customers can achieve with finance integration?


Retailer finance integration system is good beneficial thing not only for customers, but also for merchant owners. As an owner you can ask me how it could be benefit for us. My answer for those people is Yes it is to possible .Since your customers can pay for your products via online transaction such as credit/debit card, net banking, mobile wallet etc and another main thing was hidden inside of the digital payment and finance integration solution  is FLEXIBILITY. Exactly you catch right in paying the amount by the customers for purchased products online or in store they have already attracted with some UK payment or financial extensions such as Deko Pay4later, World pay, Sagepay, Paypal, Stripe, V12, Close Brothers, Duologi, Omni capital, afforditnow, etc.  UK-retailer02

So as an owner you can receive your amount for the product with highly secured payment gateways such like payment integration modules which I told you previously. No worries for owners get their amount anytime with high security and also on the other hand customers can able to purchase more products via online with some financial payment extensions. Now you can ask me as owner then where I get such Finance integration for my online store. Bootsgrid is here for you to support with our unique finance integrations extensions such as World pay, Omni capital finance, Duologi retailer finance solution and pay4later and more payment integrations by with which you can avail your customers with exciting features in UK.  Get your finance integrations system Today at Bootsgrid and get succeed in your business by the way of make your customers happy.


  • By enabling the digital payment integration with your online store. You can expect your customers to buy more products, since they were already enable with digital transactions.
  • Yeah!! You can confidently surviving in your E-commerce business by enhancing your brand items or selling more products with greatest discounts leads customers to UK-retailer03
  • Oh not only you would sell your products with the payment gateway, but also you may provide your customers with some financial solutions it would be flexible for them to buy your product with confident.
  • With finance integration system you too sell and offer more products to your customer leads to get increased sales growth rate in your business. You can sell the products with finance solution, may expect more customers to buy it with financial integration.
  • Why I expect more customers to buy more products? Since finance solution gives them flexibility and confident in buying your products. It’s not only focused on selling, you can also achieve retention of your customers.
  • Maybe with this finance integration system in future you can enhance your business gradually by offering financial solution to your customers and always be sure with which finance integration better for them.
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