What are the features needed to integrate on my Multi-Vendor?

Vendors are currently in the hunting mode for getting and integrating extra-ordinary things on their marketplace. Yes of course many eCommerce business owners are hitting their brain and surfing the Google for whole solution in single script maybe they forget to gander more and more about such classy multi vendor script is Bootsmart (https://bootsmart.bootsgrid.in/) for multi vendor marketplace which are developed by Bootsgrid on PHP Codeigniter framework. Many vendors could surf and explore more about many script in the tech era and also they have checked flow of buyer and seller as seller registration to order dispatched for each and every order deliveries and on the other hand we take buyer to signed up in marketplace to purchase the items with their available payment solution but apart from this usual mixer of flow more vendor keeping an eye on to enhance the marketplace with seductive features from opening dispute about product or report the shop and managing teams , creating events, community news and announcements within groups, for seller to handle the dispute of customer on purchased item within system so these are all the some more fine beyond the usual features of marketplace.

But in Bootsmart everybody gets everything since unlimited number of exciting features is stunning to ensure the quality of marketplace at the same time for all (vendors, buyers and admin).

Multi vendor Marketplace:

Very simple and little bit complicate thing is developing online store with only single vendor concept by including of features to seller (admin of the site) and buyers but no more this traditional online store since some vendors would seek to enhance and integrate their business to the extent of multi-vendor marketplace platform when they are inspired from Flipkart, Amazon, eBay and so on. Most of the eCommerce sites already integrated with lot and lot of features on multi-vendor concept. Maybe some of the store owners still now hesitate to develop their store with multiple numbers of features since them considering about the budget or feel complex in developing the new site with bundled of features for all (vendors, buyer and admin).  Eradicate all your hesitation and walk out of your  afraid zone with bang to open your multi-vendor shop included of exclusive options which are highly recommended in this era. Lets we explore more such useful features must for every multi-vendor shop.

Extra features:

  • Recently viewed item: In depth analyze of features this could be the one to enable the buyers to revisit the item which they have seen recently or last viewed one. It benefits the buyers to go straight on to product without doing another search on the marketplace on their sequence of visits.
  • Save for later: If we take considering the product page or products in the cart which are added by buyer every online store need to implement this feature which would induce the user to save the items in their cart for upcoming purchases.
  • Gift card: This is one of the highly recommended feature for every multi-vendor marketplace since we have responsible in providing ultimate feature apart from selling and buying within marketplace. it enable the user to purchase the gift card to send their friends and family on any occasions with redeemed code to purchase the gift card item.
  • Coupon code: Not only in online multi vendor business but also in every business owners are accountable in providing more awesome features such as coupon code and gift cards in online multi-vendor shop. Here with this features buyer could able to purchase the products with code for getting discount price offers at the same time admin only responsible in managing all these functions form back end.
  • Socialize in community: Beyond usual things in online shopping store make your audience stun with introducing of huge feature of community section to elaborate their usage of marketplace by getting connections with people, creating teams, events within groups and posting of news or announcement.
  • Up sell and cross sell: It is highly recommended for new online store owners to take considering adding these up sell and cross sell items since it increases more additional values to buyers while on their purchase and also it enables the buyers to purchase additional products along with their products which are already in the cart. theses up sell and cross sell products will be available to users while they are at check out page to compare the best item by comparing with the already added product by make visible the up sell item and cross sell item at the same time would inspire the buyers to pick it along with purchase like when we purchase mobile along with headset or mobile charger.
  • Shop management: For sellers primary thing they would need to do is managing and make more attractive their shop page in marketplace then only they maybe seduced by buyers while on their first visit to your shop adding of policies, banners, social connectivity with buyers on Facebook, Twitter responding to buyer’s complaints or queries and so on.
  • Ratings & Reviews: This is an essential feature and very needful for allowing the users or buyers to give ratings and posting their experience as reviews after they purchased products from particular shop. This ratings and reviews is for both shop and product to expose it publicly for the other new users to know about.
  • Dispute management: Not every buyer satisfied with the purchased product but in somehow maybe they received any bug items. For this purpose multi vendor or regular online shop need to integrate dispute management where the buyer can able to post complaint about the product by contacting directly the seller.
  • Report the shop: If we provide the space for buyers to post the complaint about the product with respective seller and at the same time need to give them opportunity to post the complaint about the shop as well by allowing them to report the shop to admin with appropriate content.

these are all the 10 features which are highly needed to integrate in every multi-vendor shop and also so many features are in queue to discuss for integrating into online multi vendor shop on next post.

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