Why UK e-Commerce prefers V12 retail finance?


Every business becomes the trending one with vast number of modern business ideas among them very top notch and highly preferable solution is ecommerce. Yes many UK business owners and entrepreneurs optimized their business with ecommerce solution. In this era if you say the word “eCommerce” that would reflects many things such as Magento, Word Press, Flipkart, Amazon and so on. Here in this post not only exploring particular ecommerce framework which is highly valuable but also will take a glimpse and deep insight over v12 retail finance. Usually UK people are very smart and brilliant since they validate even simple things for 1000 times before implement that’s why the reason behind success of V12 retail finance. Also V12 retail not only satisfy the ecommerce customers by enabling the flexible options such as interest free, interest bearing and buy now pay later. But in the other hand as a seller or owner we preferred this splendid finance method for seducing the customers in an easy way. We will gleam and explore about many features of V12 retail finance latter in this session but before that UK ecommerce owners not only preferring V12 retail but also many payment and finance integrations such as Duologi, Omni capital, Deko finance and so on. If you are the one who becomes hectic in finding best finance solution for your ecommerce business, just pick it from the following link (http://bootsgrid.com/products/)

V12 Retail finance:

Very massive boon for ecommerce business owners is V12 finance with this finance solution only they could earn more and more via ecommerce platform also it is still one of the dominating and featured UK finance solution even though many finance solution like Pay4 later Deko finance still existing around UK and all over the universe . Because by using this finance the customer can purchase goods and services with splitting of cost over monthly installments on the line. They can apply this finance via both over your store and also via your website on any devices like smart phones, Laptop, PC and I-phones. At this stage many of us could raise the question it supports for all ecommerce websites of course will surely support for any kind of ecommerce website which is developed in Magento, WordPress and CS-Cart etc.

there are 4 available finance packages with V12 retail finance.

  • Interest free finance
  • Interest bearing finance
  • Take 5
  • Buy now pay later.



Interest free finance:

This is one of the very on demand finance solution for your customers while on their purchase since it offers interest free finance to them. Customer could just choose the installment terms from 3 months to 48 months with this method and also on the other hand store owner could engage with more customers rather than before integrating this finance. it will leads to get more sales conversion rates.

Interest bearing finance:

This is cost effective option in this finance for retailers to satisfy their customers and it allow them to purchase some bulk number of products with budget and v12 retail finance offers this option with the term of 12 months to 60 months along interests’ rates ranging from 9.9% to 19.9%.


For some customers the interest bearing finance maybe not comfort instead of that they could take a try of take5 solution to continue their shopping by spending their valuable time on your store. This is simple 5 month payment plan and also interest free finance but the customer would need to pay the amount with 5 months installations.

Buy now pay later:

You can attract customers with a payment free period of up to 6, 9 or 12 months from the start of their agreement. There is an option to settle the balance within the agreed period or pay monthly installments at an agreed APR. This gives your customers the option to pay in full at a later date with no interest charges.

V12 Retail finance features:

Flexibility: Always it provides the flexible procedure for applying this finance services via online, in store, mobile and mail order processes Quick and simple.

Flexible finance options: As an admin of the website they can set and manage the financial options in backend such as showing finance options in all product pages. It will surely supports in increasing the sales targets.

Acceptance rates: Actually many customers will not pay with same payment mode someone will buy with PayPal, or few approach by stripe for the payment processing. For admin no worries they always stay cool for accepting the payment in any mode.

V12 portal: Maybe as a store owner or admin of the website would need to track the information in real time they can easily track via V12 portal by using this portal they can access comprehensive suite of management information which can be accessed in real time.

Features in V12 module:

  • Admin can enable or disable this module in backend.
  • Product finance calculator will works instantly in all product pages.
  • Customer can choose the v12 finance option at checkout page.
  • By using web hook the admin could automatically update the order status.
  • An admin can able to set the minimum amount for this V12 retail finance in backend.
  • Request and cancellation of payment to v12 in admin orders page by using shipment and cancel option in backend. Refund request to v12 by using credit memo option in admin.
  • Enable/Disable v12 retail finance per product.
  • Use different finances codes for each product in the website.
  • Customer can use both Test (for testing only)/Live mode for V12.


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