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Now In this modern era we are all in some hectic to sustain and survive in our business and also ensures with the exact data sources, not approximate based on our market research . For this we need to confirm with the data which we have found, analyzed for once for a twice since if you’re running your business over decade you must fetch the data either it may be by your good exploration and analyzing more and more articles, blogs etc. Once if you are correct with your data what you’re going to done with it? Where you can save and share it? It’s for marketing people, SEO they are having more data market research results in the form of any statistical format so they need to again confirm with it before they can share in their official blogs or websites. SEO having bulk number of data in Google marketing platform such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Display & Video 360, search ads 360, youtube analytics, Google Big query and more. With Google data studio they can able to easily access data from the above mentioned Google products such as Google Analytics, ads, Display & video 360 and more because Google’s Data studio is part of Google marketing platform and integrated with Google cloud. It allows you to share your insight with anyone within your company and apart from sharing the data it enables you with seamless collaboration with others in real time. You not only share your raw data within your official group, But also you can able to Transform the data to chart, metrics either if you’re a SEO or Business Analyst since you have responsibility to track your metrics records. Analytics are always confusing, Baffling overwhelming and onerous to get clarity in it and also vast fast challenge for digital marketers. So Data studio taken care of your burdensome task by generating easy to understand report for your work and you may think of Can I send my data reports to my clients? Yeah sure it will greatly supports not only for you, but also your clients can be able to understand reports so they (your clients) may appreciate your great work done with Data studio and it easy to customize the data in various forms such as bar graphs, charts, line graphs and so on.

Features of Data Studio

  • DATA CONNECTORS are enabled from data source they are connecting platform to connect with data studio report as pipes. Each data source are having unique, pre-build connector and also ensures you to easy to access and use the data from various sources such as Google analytics, display & video 360, Google ads, YouTube analytics, Google sheets and Google Big query etc.
  • DATA TRANSFORMATION Are you hectic in converting your raw data? No worries Data studio here is for you to convert your data stuff into the meaningful one in the form of metrics, charts, Bar graphs, line graphs and turns your data into dimensions and powerful building blocks for charts and graphs.
  • DATA VISUALIZATION enables you to view data in form of such bar graphs, charts, geo maps, pivot tables etc. and if you want to get your data results and send to your higher officials you can show them visually with this dazzling feature of data studio. It also offers you to customize your data that help you to engage and persuade with data story. Each visualization built in comparison to view the changes in data over a period.
  • SHARING & COLLOBORATION You can able to share your insight focus in your organization and getting collaboration with your colleagues to get their ideas regards in your insights about anything. So If you’re having data build from data studio you can get more info from your folks too. Work on your teammates or people outside of your company invite them to edit and collaborate on your dashboards and reports in real time. See edits as they happen and the changes are getting saved automatically.
  • USABILITY Are you new to the data and reporting solutions? so no worries Tech giant Google designed this astonishing tool only for you since easy to use and simple drag and drop feature with full property panels and snap to grid canvas helps you in reporting the data in easy format. With availability of more reporting templates enables you to customize your reports with nice designs and styles based on your needs. Don’t afraid of any strangers access your data without your permission access since you’re and admin for your data and you only decide to give access the data for individuals, groups.
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